10 most common Reasons why Babies Wake at Night

Babies give their parents a hard time getting 8 hours of sleep straight every night, by waking up and crying their lungs out, leading to perplexed and visibly sleep-deprived mothers. New parents dread the midnight baby waking up routine, but it so happens that it is not your baby’s fault if he/she is jerked out … Continue reading 10 most common Reasons why Babies Wake at Night

Baby Development Milestone : 6 Months

With the start of the 6th month, you will get to see her initial and unsuccessful attempts to walk and talk properly. This is a hint that you have to be running after her to closely monitor the actions to avoid an accident. She follows a regular sleep pattern that gives her a peaceful night's … Continue reading Baby Development Milestone : 6 Months

Baby Development Milestone : 5 Months

It is always wonderful to notice your baby grow at a rapid rate. Lots of behavioral improvements can happen during the 5th month. You can see lots of development in gross motor skills as she would have already made attempts to crawl on her own. You can also notice that there is a significant growth … Continue reading Baby Development Milestone : 5 Months

Baby Development Milestone : 4 Months

The baby is more into research mood, always, and starts observing what is happening around her. Her vision and motor skills would have developed to a considerable extent, by now. This causes her to be sidetracked by some noise or sound even when you are trying to feed her. The level of perception has gone … Continue reading Baby Development Milestone : 4 Months

Baby Development Milestone : 3 Months

The first month when the baby was born, it had very little control over her neck. By now, you can see that the baby has gained increasing control over her head. Still, it needs to be supported because it takes 6 months for the baby to get complete control over her head. I still remember, … Continue reading Baby Development Milestone : 3 Months

Baby Development Milestones: 2 Month

The whole month has passed by, and now you have started getting used to the different cues and signs that your baby gives you. You know better whether the baby is crying for food or wants a nappy change. It is always advisable to talk to your doctor before setting expectations with your child. You … Continue reading Baby Development Milestones: 2 Month