Top Ten Foods Increase the Breast Milk

Welcome to the motherhood ! This exciting journey is full of ups and downs . Indeed rearing a child is a task and it has just began . Amongst the pool of issues , one of the most concerning issues for nursing mothers is how to increase the breast milk so that it is enough … Continue reading Top Ten Foods Increase the Breast Milk

Remedies to Improve Breastmilk during Lactation Period

Some women have unnecessary apprehensions of low milk supply when the baby is continuously crying for prolonged hours. Things will get a whole lot worse when you imagine too much and start giving supplements to your baby. This is the main reason for low milk production in many mothers.Usually, the mothers think it is due … Continue reading Remedies to Improve Breastmilk during Lactation Period

All about Expressing the Breastmilk

Although without a doubt best way to feed your baby is the direct breastfeeding , but this is not always possible. Expressing breastmilk enables a you to feed baby in various such situations where in direct feeding is not an option , for example  you are away from the baby for few hours , low milk production … Continue reading All about Expressing the Breastmilk

Breastfeeding after C-Section

The pregnancy and having a baby is the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. But, when you deliver through c-section, it may pose some difficulties, initially. Usually, postpartum, the new mothers, and babies are separated for a while because the new mums would be under the influence of sedatives. So, there is … Continue reading Breastfeeding after C-Section